El Paso has many great locations for photoshooting. From a great mountain scenery, desert landscapes, the Rio Grande shore areas,  to beautiful urban cityscapes in El Paso. Working with us means that we can together agree on a photoshoot area, depending on your ideas and our ideas!. We know many different locations all over the city and in the nearby areas, so we always propose what we think may work best, but you have the last word!

Downtown Area. San Jacinto Plaza and Union Plaza.
Ideal for city and urban feel photoshoots. It has great spots for couples and save the date sessions. Photoshoots here can have a great feeling of intimacy, romance and sensuality, since some locations are a little bit hidden and are perfect for closeups. Since traffic is not heavy, some photos can be shot in the middle of the street with the Downtown classic buidings as a backdrop. Photos can get spectacular really fast here. 
McKelligon Canyon
Located right in the middle of the urban area, yet completely isolated, this area brings a beautiful desert scenery, with the landscapes that define West Texas and New Mexico. Sunsets (and Sunrises) are a must see for every person who visits El Paso. Ideal for families and large groups. 
City Parks. Memorial Park & Newman Park.
Located in the Historic District, these parks offer a beautiful, green (or yellow) backdrop. These parks give the classic feeling of an outdoor Photoshoot, and bring charming green tonalities to the photos. Ideal for large groups.
Mesilla is one of the area’s best kept secret. It’s an historic town enchanted with a life of its own. In a few blocks, beautiful historic places, restaurants, bars and country landscapes can be found. With a totally different landscape from the desert, it’s full of barns, farms, old west buildings, wineries and vineyards and pecan trees. Ideal for Couple Photoshoots. 
These are only a few of the options we have when setting up a Photography Session in the area. For more accurate recommendations and ideas, please contact us and tell us what your ideas are, and we can totally start from there. We’ll find a way ;)

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